Our Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission and Philosophy

To provide the highest standard of care and education for every child that supports them to grow and develop through the early years of life

We believe in a positive environment that is safe and nurturing, where children are encouraged to discover the magic and wonders of the world whilst being supported in all areas of their learning and development


Excellence – Experienced, creative and reliable

Integrity – Professional, honest and trustworthy

We strive to create a calm, safe and supportive environment that nurture the growth and development of each child through the early years
of their life.

We aim to engage in holistic approaches to care  and education that caters to every child’s unique and varying individual needs, inclusive of all diversities cultural or otherwise.

Diversity – The use of multicultural, non gender bias, special needs and environmentally sensitive equipment, books, music and posters also reinforces our program’s goals..

Teamwork –Our educators work to constantly improve their own knowledge and adapt their practices to provide the best standard of care for all, working as a cooperative team of professionals.

We aim to use our professional knowledge to   provide the most effective, beneficial and relevant   program that reflects our understanding of each   child’s interests and learning dispositions.

Communication –At Canterbury Child Care Centre, we pride ourselves on forming mutually trusting and respectful relationships with all families, working together to guide children through the first years of their life.

We work to develop positive relationships with   every child that promote being and belonging for   all and are based on open and effective two way   communication that values the input of all   children, families and community members.

Life Skills – we respect the diversity in our community and aim to equip our children with the life skills which will enable them to experience fulfilling and rewarding participation within that community through innovative, best practice programs. We encourage and provide opportunities to work together cooperatively, to explore human relationships and to practice nonviolent conflict resolution strategies, as well as an environment where a natural sense of curiosity can be nurtured.

Our Centres use StoryPark and each family is provided with a secure login to access on their computers, mobiles or apps.


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