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A Culture of Care.

When providing our education and training, we take your child’s individual needs into consideration when meeting their health and nutrition needs. At Canterbury Childcare Centre, our carers and educators ensure children are aware and proactive in regard to allergies, mental health and suncare.

To complement our approach to protection your child’s health, we also provide immunisation and doctor visits every Monday. To enquire further about our immunization and doctor schedule, or if you have further questions about our approach to children’s health, please contact us here.

Dr. Rob

Dr Rob Chan has been visiting the Canterbury Childcare Centre for over 20 years – his weekly Monday visits allow him to build a rapport with students and understand their unique medical requirements.

Parents should call the centre before 9am Mondays to make an appointment for their child.

Healthy Food for Growing Minds

At Canterbury Childcare Centre we place great importance on ensuring your child is provided with
healthy, nutritional meals and snacks throughout their stay. Weekly menus are provided to parents
and guardians, allowing peace of mind in knowing your child is being given healthy meals during
throughout their time here.

Your child’s nutritional needs, allergies and dietary requirements are always taken into consideration
when their meals are prepared. To enquire about our approach to handling allergies, or if you
would like to discuss your child’s particular dietary needs, please contact us here.

For our parents’ convenience, take-home meals can be ordered for children throughout the week.

Fresh Ingredients from Local Businesses

Our trained chef is provided with only the freshest fruits and vegetables, delivered daily from Coltivare Fruit and Vegetables in Camberwell.

Daily deliveries from Bennett’s Butchery,
Mailing Road Canterbury, handled
with care by our chef and staff.

Our Kitchen & Dining Room

At Canterbury Childcare Centre, our kitchen is regularly audited to ensure we both reach and exceed health and safety standards. Children are free to use areas of the dining area to socialize and eat together, where they are supervised by educators. Birthdays are celebrated in the kitchen, where kids afforded the choice to be involved in the creation of their own unique birthday cake!

Our cooks are highly trained, providing delicious, nutritious meals tailored to your child’s needs and dietary requirements.

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CCCC respectfully acknowledges and celebrates the Traditional Owners of the lands throughout Victoria and pays its respects to their Elders, children and young people of past, current and future generations.

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