We love canterbury childcare and all the amazing staff that make this place so special. All the educators are so nurturing, caring and look after the children like they are their own.

You know you’re on to a winner when the only time the kids cry is when they’re getting picked up and don’t want to leave!

We are so lucky that our kids get to spend time each week at Canterbury Childcare and cant thank them enough for the amazing work they all do.

Felicity and Adam, 2021

Attending CCCC feels like being part of a family. My parents live overseas, and Sally and her staff are very supportive, which really helps. Our daughter is incredibly settled; she has made many close friends and is excited to go to the centre. She especially enjoys the sensory play (sand, playdough, water etc), music time, and the physical activities. We highly recommend CCCC!

Di ,2021

We are beyond thrilled with the beautiful care Canterbury Child Care offers to our family. It is a warm and inviting environment for our little ones to flourish and explore and extremely engaging and nurturing. Thank you to Sally and the team!

Michelle, 2021

We all love Canterbury Child Care Centre! Our daughters enjoy going to childcare and the wonderful team at CCCC create a caring and stimulating environment. It makes the drop-offs so easy! The educators are lovely and most of them have worked at CCCC for a while so they know all the children really well. We have had a really positive experience in the babies, toddlers and kinder rooms. We really appreciate how Sally and the team create a great sense of community at the centre and provide advice and support with challenges like toddler tantrums, sleeping and toilet training. We can’t recommend CCCC highly enough.

Ady & Laurence, 2021

The team at Canterbury Childcare Centre and Kindergarten provide a caring and nurturing environment not only for the children attending but for the child’s entire family. We have been able to put our trust in the team to be sensitive to the needs of each of our children and provide the very best in care, positive health and nutrition education and lunch/snack menu’s, and an engaging curriculum.

The team go above and beyond in their efforts to integrate family with childcare creating a community environment for all involved. Examples include, play dates, Christmas concerts, birthday celebrations, cultural events such as Chinese New Year.

The team also provide information on a very regular basis not only about each child but about the community and always encourage more integration between families and the centre. Examples include: regular newsletters, health information to warn families of disease outbreaks in the local community, child safety advice, details about parenting seminars etc. All of the above combined, along with the smiles on the educators and children’s faces create an outstanding experience for the children and families. 

It’s not easy leaving your children at childcare, but the team at Canterbury Childcare make it easy.  Despite the pit at the bottom of your stomach, you have a great sense of relief knowing your children are well known, well cared for and well taught. The team treats each child as an individual and helps them reach their full potential.

The team are creative, enthusiastic and warm. They genuinely incorporate parent feedback and knows when to give the children a hug and how to make them smile.  They have the desire to get to know the children well and create so many enjoyable individual and group experiences for them.  

They also go that extra mile for the children with additional needs – this isn’t always easy – as you put twice as much in and get half as much in return.

It’s a great centre and truly a cut above the rest.

Natasha & Anthony


Canterbury Childcare Centre is like a home away from home for our little girl, she loves her time there and we are so happy that she is being taken care of by professionals, in a warm and caring environment.




Our daughter is now in her third year at Canterbury Child Care Centre. During this time we have been very impressed with the caring nature of the educators and their ability to bring out her best and assist her to develop new skills. She often tells us how much she loves childcare and the staff there and while it can be challenging for us to get her to tell us what she does each day, it is fantastic to see the daily update and photos via StoryPark so that we are able to discuss her day with her at home. It is wonderful to see the range of activities that she does there and to see her engaging with the activity, other children and with staff. We also really enjoy receiving the monthly report specifically about our child and the particular activities that she has been doing to work towards personalised goals. Most recently we mentioned that she needs to develop scissor skills and it was a great use of StoryPark for us to get information about how she was improving with that.

We have found everyone at the centre to be very approachable and able to support us with any issues e.g. toilet training, arrival of new sibling etc. The small size of the centre and the consistency of staff really helps our daughter on a day to day basis but also helps us get involved too. We cannot think of a better environment to leave our child while we go off to work.

Rebecca & Con


Our son doesn’t go to childcare…….he goes to ‘Super Sally’s House’ three times a week. It’s there that he meets all his friends (big and small) and engages in fun and educational activities that support his growth in a homey environment.

To say we are happy with CCCC would be an understatement. The team are more like an extension of our family than a group of highly qualified care staff (which they also happen to be). They make sure our little guy receives all the nutrients, care and fun he could ask for, sending him home each day with a big smile on his face and eager to chat about all his adventures and friends.

Thank you CCCC for being so amazing! You have shown a Mum who was hesitant about any form of childcare that, not only can our precious little guy be cared for by someone else, but he’s in fact far better off both socially and developmentally because he goes to CCCC.

I will shout your praises from any rooftop I can find!

Amaya (Balwyn, 28 February 2018)

CCCC really is “a home away from home”, but more exciting! My son jumps straight into the arms of the girls when he arrives and often doesn’t even notice me leave because he is keen to see what is happening today. All the staff truly care about the children and it shows in the strong relationships they form together. The girls always take time to tell me stories about my son’s day (what made him laugh, who he played with and what new words and songs he has learnt). They come up with the most creative activities (many of which I would not attempt at home!), which kids from all of the age groups are involved in, so my son learns from the activities and the older children. We treasure the special handmade gifts that come home for mothers and fathers day and the food is delicious and nutritious, home made! I love seeing how happy my son is at daycare, it’s a very special place. 


Anna  2017

When we were looking for day care I called every centre in the area, probably around a dozen centres. We wouldn’t have considered most of them and I am overjoyed to have found CCC. We have loved our short time at Canterbury Child Care Centre, and wish we had discovered it sooner. Super Sally is a wonderful, energetic and yet firm director who sets the tone of the whole centre. All the educators are warm, engaging and caring and plan fantastic crafts and activities which the kids love. Our child takes turns, cooperates with her friends, eats vegetables and lies down to rest every day at CCC, and comes home bouncing with excitement to tell me all about her day! I highly recommend CCC, it really is a home away from home.

Kylie, July 2017

Our son has been attending CCCC for almost a year now and we could not be more pleased.

Sally (aka Super Sally) and all the girls that work here are wonderful, attentive and genuinely care for the children. As first-time parents we were slightly anxious about placing our baby into childcare however now we feel so very fortunate that we discovered CCCC when we did. At the time we were on a 3-year wait list at another centre closer to home but decided we could not wait that long, I’m so glad that it worked out that way as this place offers something truly unique the other centres could not. It is truly a home away from home. I love sneaking in to pick him up each evening so I can watch the smile on his face as he excitedly plays and interacts with the other children.

Thanks to everyone at CCCC that makes his days so special!

Paige 2016

Our sons have attended 4 childcare centres between them, and we can safely say that none of the others compares to Canterbury Childcare Centre.
The staff here are just so welcoming and friendly and really give the impression of enjoying what they do.
The house is a lovely environment, but the outside space is phenomenal – I struggle to get my school-going son to leave when he goes to pick up his little brother! It is so lovely to be able to leave my child somewhere that we all feel so comfortable.
Thank you!
Turner Family 2016

With a bit of sadness, we’ve decided to change places for kinder next year to somewhere closer to (this) home.
Alice loves her days at Canterbury Child Care. We have found you to be an excellent director who sets the tone for CCCC to be a friendly, professional, welcoming and happy place for your staff, kiddies, and families. Thank you for your patience, wisdom and care of Alice (and I) over the past 2 years. We also really appreciated you welcoming us back after our time in Paris. It made the return home much easier on us all.

I know you’re not exactly stuck for numbers but I would always be happy to recommend CCCC to other families!

Amanda 2016

The past 3 years at CCCC have been absolutely fantastic for our son. He loves coming to kinder and seeing his friends and carer’s. The best part about the service is that it feels like family and you are treated like family. This was our last year at CCCC before our youngest moves onto School. We are sad to be leaving, but have treasured every moment spent here. We would definitely recommend CCCC to any family.

The Knight Family 2016

As a mother I adore CCCC. The first time I walked in to visit, I knew immediately that this was the one. Every mum feels hesitation and nerves about this huge milestone of their first child starting childcare…but Sally and the staff at CCCC were so supportive, and the house and outdoor area are so welcoming and beautifully done that I felt so lucky to have found this place for my son. He just adores it too – he calls it ‘Sally’s House’ and has the best time every time he attends. He is loved and care for so well. I love the intimate kitchen, that all the food is cooked fresh for them daily, and that all the children eat together. Thank you Sally for providing such a special place for our children to learn, laugh and play.

Clare & Greg. 2015
CCCC came along at exactly the right time. Whilst looking for a child care centre/kinder for our youngest, CCCC was recommended by friend. We have since recommended it to others who now have children attending. It really is a home away from home. The staff are friendly and caring and really do take the time to make your child feel special. The best part is our son LOVES going, there is never a moment of doubt in his mind. He has a smile on his face before he goes to kinder and when we pick him up at the end of the day, which only makes us smile.
Karley. 2015

CCCC offers a really warm and family feel to it.  Every time I walk into the centre, I feel that the kids will be very safe and I can smell the aroma of fresh home-made cooking.  The centre is clean and the staff are friendly, attentive and very professional.  The program for pre-school is also fantastic. Would highly recommend to families in the area.

Petra. 2015

I sent Isabella to Canterbury Child Care centre when she was seven month due to my business commitment. she was such little baby and I worried all the time when she was there. However, sally and her staff did a great job and my baby. Isabella ate and slept very well over there. she made a lots of baby friends. Every time when I pick her up after my work, I am so happy to see her playing around with other kids. Now she can walk and start talking.

Sally and her staff do a great job. I am so appreciated for the help from them

Sherry. 2015

We had two girls attend Canterbury Childcare Centre and therefore had an association with the Centre for over 2 1/2 years. From the moment we talked to Sally on the phone to inquire about vacancies we knew it was the place we wanted our children to attend. Her friendliness and care, displayed on the phone, carried on throughout our time at the Centre and filtered down to all the staff under her direction. The Centre itself is very homely, which was a comfort to our children and the carers and kindergarten teacher paid special attention to each child.

Our girls are both at school now but we will never forget their time at Canterbury Childcare Centre. We credit this Centre for giving our girls a fantastic educational and social grounding which is now helping them at school. We were sad when we had to say goodbye at the end of last year as it had been such a special place for our girls to attend and such a welcoming place for us as parents. Thanks again Sally.

Anne and Tony Vamvakaris. 2014

CCCC was a fabulous home away from home for my youngest two children. My nephews also attended CCCC and they all thoroughly enjoyed their time there. Sally and all the staff are incredibly caring and genuinely love all the children. The small number of children in each room means that all the children feel special. There is a fantastic playground out the back which has recently been revamped -much to the children’s delight! The meals are nutritious and delicious (take home family dinners also available!)  I would highly recommend CCCC for looking after your children!

Georgina.  2014
I have used Canterbury Child Care Centre for just over 8 years, and I cannot praise manager Sally and staff enough, for caring for my two boys when I returned to the workforce.  Both boys were 7 months old when I first left them in the care of staff in the Baby Room at CCCC  three days a week.  I found that communication of staff was excellent, and I was kept well informed of what the boys had done during their day.  Their transition to the Toddler Room and then the Kinder Room was equally easy, and staff were supportive of the boys during this process.  CCCC is an inviting, warm and homely environment, the staff are friendly, the number of children is small, the kids get to eat great fresh cooked meals every day, and they have a fantastic backyard playground to explore – complete with a tree house!  The staff at CCCC have been very caring and supportive of both my children and myself, and I have always felt confident that the boys would be well cared for – both physically and emotionally.  My children have both enjoyed their experiences at CCCC, and have made some great friends there.  My older son will be 9 this year and he still enjoys popping in to see Sally.  My younger son will be 5 this year, and starting School in 2014, and we will be very sad to say goodbye to CCCC.  I would have no hesitation recommending it.

The Casey Family. 2013

My husband and I have used the services of Canterbury Child Care over an eight year period for our three children. We can not speak highly enough of the high standard of care and attention they have shown to our children and us. With no immediate family close to us, CCCC has been our saving grace. It has never been a struggle or challenge to get the kids out the door in the morning as they all knew what a fun filled day they where going to have.  CCCC really is a home from home, the children are respected, engaged, loved and cared for, which really gives us peace of mind as we go about our busy day.  Combine all of that with the excellent nutritional menu the children are served every day and the excellent communication about your child’s day, it’s no wonder my children never wanted to leave. Sally and her staff are an amazing team and we highly recommend you consider CCCC for your child.

Helen and Anthony Bafunno 2013

Canterbury Child Care: wow, what a breath of fresh air!  Having been sorely unsatisfied with other centres and about ready to give up on the idea of putting our daughter in care, we landed upon CCCC. It is absolutely a home away from home.  Our daughter LOVES going there and is always so happy at the end of her day.  She is extremely well fed with varied, healthy, and by all accounts delicious food; the staff are delightful and clearly love what they do, and “Super Sally” certainly lives up to her name!  If you are after a welcoming, homely, fun-filled environment for your child, then look no further!

Kind regards,

Kirsty 3rd June 2013

I began as a mother who was very hesitant to leave my child.  I really struggled leaving my daughter in the care of others, and found it difficult  to be without her all day.  CCC centre staff were incredibly patient and supportive and kept a daily record of my daughters activities to keep me  in touch with how her day had gone (we still have this!).

I have since had 2 other children who have also attended the centre and the staff have provided a secure, loving, stimulating and happy place for all of my children to enjoy their fundamental years of childhood.  The centre has become an important part of these years in the lives of our family, and it will always be remembered with fondness and affection.

Jane Webb has been involved with the centre for more than 20 years and her experience is reflected in the quality of the centre, not least in the calibre of staff she selects.  All staff genuinely love and enjoy the children and it is touching to watch them interact.  Jane is a mother  herself, and she understands the needs of young children (and their parents!).

CCC centre provides a very ‘home like’ environment for children, as it remains small and is able to be flexible in meeting the needs of the children who attend. Time spent at this centre is a wonderful addition to the early years of any child, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Shelley  17th October 2008

Warmth of staff, flexibility, good communication with parents and an active approach to child development, were important to me when choosing childcare. Canterbury Child Care have exceeded our expectations in all these areas. The family environment means that the team always have time to chat about our child’s progress or catch up on up and coming family events. They are currently helping our child learn about babies to assist with the impending birth of our number 2. This type of interest in assisting with changes and experiences our child has beyond the centre is what really makes CCCC special. We are very lucky to be part of the CCCC family.

Nicola – Project Manager  21 October 2008